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Grading standards for vinyl records

All records are cleaned, with a new inner envelopment !

M (Mint)
The record and sleeve are in perfect, original condition

NM (Near mint)
A nearly perfect record. The record has been played but will have no evidence of deterioation. Sleeves in near mint condition will have no obvious signs wear. Practically imperceptible ring wear may be allowed but no creases, seam-splits, or othereasily detected flaws will be present.

VG+ (Very good plus)
A well-cared-for record that is slightly less than perfect, but defects are not visually or audibly distracting. Record surfaces may have slight scuffs or light scratches, but are still primarily clean. Sleeves may have some creases or minor ring wear, but should not be split. Will satisfy all but the most demanding collector.

VG (Very good)
A used, resonable copy to play. Many of the defects found in a VG+ copy will be more pronounced in VG condition. Surface noise may be evident and sleeves may look worn, but record is still a decent copy.

G (Good)
A well-worn record that is still playable. Good does not necessarily mean "bad" but a record in this condition will have audible distractons and may have visible groove wear. Sleeves may have all manner of defects, but are still intact.

F (Fair) and P (Poor)
These grades are for beat-up records. We only sell records in these grades if they are extremely rare and sought-after.